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    There's a TON that goes into planning a birth and let's be honest with ourselves- it can be overwhelming.... Rest easy knowing you covered it all with our professionally designed birth plan template.

    This template helped us SO MUCH when planning for our own natural birth. It really put our mind at ease so we could focus on the other MILLION THINGS parents think about before having their baby.

    Our FREE Birth Plan Template Includes:

    • Your preferences on medical procedures
    • How you would like your birthing room setup
    • Your preferences once baby arrives

    Even if you aern't planning on a having a natural birth, this template is still super helpful!


    Hi there! We're Kelly & Greg - creators of Raising Them Naturally! Greg is an Engineer & Certified Holistic Health Professional and I'm a stay at home mom who is always looking for better, more natural ways to improve our child's life.

    Like you, we're parents who choose to take the path less traveled and look for alternative ways to help our children.

    In January of 2021 we gave birth naturally to our first son. We learned A TON and now want to share with you the do's and don'ts when it comes to giving birth in today's world. Starting with this FREE Birth Plan template!